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Dr. M Y Qamar

A Brief Introduction to a Great Person: Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Qamar

We are happy to say that our Food Project started with the donation of this amazing person who we are privileged to know, Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Qamar. Here is a brief introduction to this great author and renowned poet:Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Qamar was born on 1/11/1929 in Gujarkhan, Pakistan and is well known as a poet and journalist in the literary circles of the Muslim Community in the United Kingdom. He was the Founder Editor of the first Urdu weekly in Birmingham.

He holds degrees in Arts & Law from Pakistan and M. Phil and Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham (U.K).

Until retirement in 1994 he was actively associated with the community work in Birmingham, particularly in educational of the Muslim community, and is regarded as a pioneer in this field. Out of this social and religious commitment emerged his two major works: “The Person of the Prophet (PBUH)” and “Life Hereafter in Islam”.


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